There are absolutely no shortages of guys who want to date multiple girls at the same time without creating any drama hurting the sentiments of their multiple GFs. If you’re a single man who loves dating around pretty ladies you possibly know precisely what I am talking about.

It can get chaotic managing even just 2 GFs at once. If you have ever been on a date with a woman and then run into another woman that you’re seeing then you know how annoying this could be.

If this’s something you are struggling with, let one of the best Chester escorts help you. As one of the most hired European escorts in Manchester I think I can help you sort out this issue. Below I’ve shortlisted my 3 top tips on how to date multiple ladies at the same time. Here we go:

Let it be known that you’re dating other women:

One of the biggest errors that men make when they date multiple girls is that they try to keep it a secret. Many guys believe that they need to keep everything secret because if any of their GFs find out that they’re seeing other girls they will jump away. Nevertheless, lying to your GFs is not the best approach, and I personally believe it’s a type of evil. It’ll also make you feel stressed all the time because you’ll always be concerned about getting caught. As one of the mature escorts in Chester let me tell you a lot of girls will still agree to date with you even if you’ve other girlfriends. In fact what often will happen is that the girls you date will actually become more attracted to you when they find out that you see other people because it will make you more of a challenge to them and it will make them want to work to impress you.

Don’t let any of your GFs feel left out:

When you’re dating more than one girl at the same time you have to be extremely cautious not to ignore any of the women you’re dating. Often if you begin dating more than 4 or 5 girls you’ll start overlooking 1 or 2 of them because you’re having so much fun with the others. No doubt this’s fine if you wish to shrivel down your harem a little, but if you wish to keep all of them around then you’ve to ensure to meet each of them at least once a week.

A great way to keep thing organized is to allot a different day of the week for each woman. For example you might meet Jenifer on Monday, Lora on Tuesday, Kelly on Wednesday and then on the weekend see whoever you prefer the most or even go out & see some new women who you can add to your list of girlfriends.

Don’t lead any of your women on:

Most of the times when you are dating multiple women one of the girls that you’re dating will start pressuring you to see her exclusively. Of course this is something that you may want to consider if you think that she might be the woman for you, but you also need to be certain not to give her false hope if you don’t plan on ever making her your one and only. It might be alluring to lead her on in this way to keep on her good side, but if you think about it this is a pretty lousy thing to do. If you aren’t eager to commit to her then you should do the appropriate thing and set her free so that she can find a man who is keen in having a monogamous connection with her.

Hope these tips help you managing multiple girlfriends at the same time! Good Luck!

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