Wondering if the guy you just met few days back is flirting with you? Here’re the eight signs he’s:

The Smile:

Not everybody’s smile is the same. Some individuals smile with closed mouth whereas some grin with their teeth. Nevertheless, if you see him grinning at you with a spark in his eyes, there is a good chance that he’s keen in you.

He gives you special attention:

When he talks with you, he bends forward and gives attention to you and if he focuses on you more than other women around that means he has a feeling for you.

He Try To Touch You:

Quite a lot of men subconsciously strive to touch and intermingle with the ladies they love. He may intentionally touch your hands for longer than essential when giving you something, or he might bend in and pat your hand while talking.

Gentle, mischievous touching could be a massive turn on for both of you. Furthermore, he touching you is an excellent way to make the guy deeply fallen for you. If he always look for a reason to touch you, he’s likely flirting with you.

He Leans In:

Body-language can be tough, but this’s rather easy to remember. If you see a man lean in and turn his shoulder towards you while you both having a banter, he’s subconsciously focusing on you and most likely flirting with you.

He Asks You Whether You Are Single:

If a man ever articulates interest in whether you’re single or not, he wishes to confirm if you are available. It is an almost widespread and “not so delicate” way to flirt.

And if he states something like, “how can a lady like you is single” he is flirting with you for sure.

The Blush:

If you see that a shy guy is shying around you, it is the clearest indication that he’s striving to flirt with you. Any man can shy while flirting though, so this doesn’t merely apply to shy men.

The Anxious Twitch:

If you find him fiddling around, randomly shifting his seat, playing with his hair, or even snatching his ear then he is anxious and for a good reason too. This’s because he’s trying to flirt and possibly feels unsafe because he desires to leave an impression on you.

Hopefully these tips will help you identify if the guy is flirting with you. For more tips stay in touch with the best Manchester escort agency.

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